The beginning of a new blog!

Hi there!

This being my first post, I will try to explain the few concepts of this blog, . I started this blog after many other attempts of doing so that failed mostly because the lack of time to be dedicated to a serious project. I am from Timisoara, a city from Romania so I guess you are most probably, also from there. Considering this, I must motivate my writing, which for an obvious reason (in my opinion) is in english. The decision of doing so came from the fact that english is an international language that I hope, any of you can understand.

Alecs Online is supposed to cover IT subjects, like new noteworthy hardware components, software that I consider, or you propose, should be discussed, but also stories from my day-to-day life, considering that I am to go to high school starting this autumn. Just so you know, even though this is supposed to be a blog about technology and stuff that happen to me :-), it will also be about things that one of you would propose and about what I consider interesting (that meaning any kinds of subjects, even politics).

This being said, I wish you a nice day and hope that you will come back on a regular basis just to see what’s new.

P.S. Please leave comments, they are greatly appreciated and in case you have a blog of your own, feel free to send me the link and if I find it interesting I will put it in the Blogroll.

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