Death penalty. Good or bad?

The death penalty is quite a sensitive subject in my opinion. I must say that in a way I do agree with it because some do commit horrible crimes and not only deserve the death penalty, but they would be a threat for society for an indefinite time. Thus, it would really be pointless to incarcerate one for the rest of his life if he could never get a shot at being free again because of the damage he could cause. On the other hand it doesn’t seem right and/or fair for a sane human to decide the death of another, it is illegal in the E.U. (European Union), and “rarely” innocent persons get convicted.

In conclusion I do agree with it, but I believe that it should be used extremely rare and only when really necessary, to avoid horrible accidents. To my knowledge 24 people have been wrongfully accused of crimes and convicted to the death penalty since 2004.

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4 Responses to “Death penalty. Good or bad?”

  1. jm Says:

    i appreciate you replying to my post in my blog so i decided to do the same for you here 🙂

    you’re right in stating that is a sensitive issue, one that many people will remain divided on and essentially it boils down to agreeing with ‘an eye for an eye’ or ‘two wrongs don’t make a right’ all opinions are personal and in my heart, i believe that no matter how horrible a crime, i could never judge a person to death because one more life lost (especially at my hands) is nothing to gain. Also if I was a person who was given the choice between death or a life behind bars, I would without a doubt always choose life behind bars. Rarely do people decide to end their life and even for those who do, protective measure are set into place.

    That said, I agree that some crimes are truly horrible and should someone commit one against me or my family, my feelings on the topic might be different. My parents for example take on the ‘eye for an eye’ motto and we often debate it in our own home.

    I must say its interesting that you too take on a more con attitude to death penalty. after the comment you left, it seemed at first glance you would support the other side. No one really knows what they would choose unless they stood on one of those sides. As far as I know, dead or not, i want them as far away from me as possible lol 🙂

    • Alex L. Says:

      I can’t really say that taking someone’s life is good, and I can’t say that prison is sufficient for some of the criminals that face this sentence. I can say that yes, I don’t want them near me :))

      • jm Says:

        glad we agree on something 😛

  2. Zwanetz David, Esq. , Espands for discussion Dui (Part III – penalty and subsequent offenses). | Auto prices Blog Says:

    […] Death penalty. Good or bad? « Alecs Online […]

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