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Daca va uitati putin mai jos, veti vedea un post in engleza. Sunt vinovat pentru prezenta dansului pe acest blog, dar poate numai partial 😀 . Am descoperit un site (wordpress) numit Plinky. Ideea cu… Plinky e ca atunci cand nu ai pic de inspiratie, intri pe site si gasesti in fiecare zi o tema noua de dezbaterea, la care raspunzi si pe care raspuns poti sa il postezi pe blog.

Faptul ca site-ul e in “english” si oamenii care intra acolo sunt in mare americani, te cam obliga sa le raspunzi intr-o varianta cat mai decenta a limbii lor, iar lenea te cam obliga sa nu traduci zilnic din propria engleza, in romana. Ce scriu totusi acolo, este o incercare de a imita un articol serios, despre teme serioase. Ceva ce trebuie pastrat si consider ca un post in engleza din cand in cand, nu strica… prea tare. Pentru cei care se simt totusi deranjati sau chiar oripilati (cunosc cazuri), incercati Google Translate.

Lectura placuta!

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Death penalty. Good or bad?

The death penalty is quite a sensitive subject in my opinion. I must say that in a way I do agree with it because some do commit horrible crimes and not only deserve the death penalty, but they would be a threat for society for an indefinite time. Thus, it would really be pointless to incarcerate one for the rest of his life if he could never get a shot at being free again because of the damage he could cause. On the other hand it doesn’t seem right and/or fair for a sane human to decide the death of another, it is illegal in the E.U. (European Union), and “rarely” innocent persons get convicted.

In conclusion I do agree with it, but I believe that it should be used extremely rare and only when really necessary, to avoid horrible accidents. To my knowledge 24 people have been wrongfully accused of crimes and convicted to the death penalty since 2004.

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